Release notes 2.10.46

  • Created : 19 November 2019
  • Last updated : 19 November 2019

GeoResGlobe version 2.10.46 adds updates to existing tools to further enhance GeoResGlobe experience.

Updated features:

  • Short reports generated from permits now include all the attributes from the layer.
  • Searches with a blue icon automatically turn on the relevant layers when a search is run.
  • These layer searches also return the results to the table view (instead of the side panel) by default.
borehole names

Note: Performance of these searches are improved by entering explicit search terms, i.e. entering the permit type and permit number (such as EPC 1477) only turns on the EPC layers when the search is run. If no permit type is entered all the permit layers turn on.

Bug fixes

  • Feature actions that are returned from the new layer searches will now match those returned from the identify tool.
  • Adding to places from the results table is now limited to 100 places at a time.
  • Added Shapefiles now consistently show all the features on the map.
  • Show legend in the extent only can now be used for layers with a large number of symbols such as the Detailed geology.
  • Lot on plan searches now work after running a permit search.
  • Places can now be downloaded from the permit over time tool.
  • Feature actions for the source layer are now accessible after running the Advanced intersect tool.
  • User added data can now be downloaded and added back into the application.
  • The advanced search and query layer attributes tools now work on tablets.
  • Medium and high resolution print is now available in Firefox.
  • Grid lines display consistently when panning in the print preview.
  • Geology layers can now be printed.