Release notes 2.10.49

  • Created : 19 November 2019
  • Last updated : 19 November 2019

GeoResGlobe version 2.10.49 includes updates to existing functionality as well as the ability to link to open file company reports (where available) from the permit layers.

New feature:

Links to open file company reports (where available) can now be accessed from the permit layers. These links can be accessed by clicking on the down chevron next to a permit in the results table. When this link is clicked it will open the GSQ Open Data Portal on a search page which lists the reports available for that permit.

borehole names

Updated features:

The previous version of GeoResGlobe zoomed automatically when a tab was clicked within the results table. This made it difficult for users to maintain their area of interest on the screen as it automatically zoomed when a tab was clicked.

To resolve this issue the automatic zoom has been removed from the results table. Zooming is now controlled by the mouse and the “Zoom to feature” buttons in the results table.

borehole names borehole names

Automatic zooming can still be accessed from the side panel view for users that prefer this option.

borehole names

Bug fixes

Labels that are added from the text tool now appear in medium and high resolution prints..