Release notes 2.9

  • Created : 26 September 2019
  • Last updated : 26 September 2019

This is the initial release of GeoResGlobe. It is identified as version 2.9 as it is aligned with the Queensland Globe release cycle. Note however, that not all functions available in version 2.9 of the Queensland Globe are available in GeoResGlobe.

It is recommended that new users access the Tutorial Videos and Documentation to highlight the functionality and workflows within the new web application

Further functionality will be added to the new GeoResGlobe application with the next scheduled release in October 2019. Feedback on GeoResGlobe can be provided via the email address.

Limitations of the release

This initial release of GeoResGlobe contains known limitations and bugs listed below. They are currently under review and will be included in the priority enhancements planned for the second release. The intention is for the second release to replace the current MinesOnlineMaps spatial viewer. Notifications of fixes and changes will be posted on this site. We appreciate your patience and feedback as we implement the changes

Export limitations

  • It is recommended to use QSpatial to download large volumes of data as GeoResGlobe has limitations on the number of features and format in which the data can be exported.
  • Data is exported in WGS_1984_Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere projection.
  • Values in some fields are displaying additional decimal places which are not in the source data. For example some of the Latitude and Longitude values in the Mines and Mineral Occurrence layers have 15 decimal places. These “blown out” values appear like rounding issues as the normally end in values similar to 999998 or 0000001.
  • Data exported from the results table can only be exported one tab at a time. The results table can be converted to a side panel to download all the data at once.

Known bugs

  • The ellipse and arrow shapes cannot be resized or rotated. The arrow can only point left or right.
  • Source features for intersect and the advanced Intersect report can only be selected from one layer.
  • User added data cannot be exported to Shapefile, kml or json unless you use the places option.
  • Feature actions returned from a search may be different to what is returned from a query. For example when searching on EPM12345 the option to generate a short report or open the Resource Authority report is not available. To access these features an identify needs to be performed.
  • Labels output on high and medium resolution prints may not match the print preview.
  • Labels added through the text tool are removed in medium and high resolution prints.

Browser limitations

  • It is recommended to use Edge or Chrome when using GeoResGlobe.
  • Firefox does not complete medium and high resolution prints sometimes. This issue can be resolved using the following steps:
  • Enter about:config into the Firefox address bar
  • Search in the address bar for: sendOriginHeader
  • Double click on this entry, a popup will appear. In this window replace the value with 1 and hit ok.