You may wish to create points on your map, at known coordinates. Alternatively you may need to obtain coordinates of features visible on the map.

Using the Coordinate plotter

If you would like to add a known coordinate location to your map, select the coordinate plotter icon from the Toolbar menu. This tool is available in 2D and 3D mode but not in 360 mode.

plot coordinates

Choose the appropriate coordinate system from the drop-down list, enter your coordinate values and a name for the point. When you are ready to proceed select ADD TO PLACES. It will be drawn on the map and added to Places. The Name field is optional, if you leave it blank the place will be named using the coordinate value itself.

coordinate add to places

Once it has been added as a Place you can edit it similarly to any other drawn point. You can change symbology, rename it, add a label, query other layers using that place or open Google Street View.

coordinate adjust symbology

Selecting Edit places will allow you to remove the place, append it to a group or edit the location of your point after you select it.

Any changes to the point can be found under its Attributes.


If the place has been added via the coordinate tool, the attributes displayed will reflect the coordinate system specified through the tool. If MGA coordinates are included, the Easting and Northing value will be visible in the attributes.

All coordinates added to Places can be downloaded to SHP, KML, JSON or CSV by selecting the Download button and download your file type of choice.

coordinate place download

Coordinate system options

The coordinate system options within the coordinate plotter tool include:

  • GDA2020 lat/long
  • GDA2020 MGA zone 54
  • GDA2020 MGA zone 55
  • GDA2020 MGA zone 56
  • GDA94 lat/long
  • GDA94 MGA zone 54
  • GDA94 MGA zone 55
  • GDA94 MGA zone 56

Add a coordinate using the Search options

Coordinates can be also be added to a map by conducting a Search. Coordinates added via this method will automatically be added in GDA2020.

Select Search from the sidebar.


You may need to scroll down to view all of the options available in the Search tool. The last two options allow you to search by Latitude and Longitude or by Map Grid of Australia (MGA).

Examples are provided to demonstrate the expected format for your search term.

Search Lat Long Example

Search MGA Example

When you have conducted a search, the result will be displayed in the search panel. Clicking on the white box that contains the result will zoom to and highlight that location on the map.

Coordinate Search

Selecting the blue icon will add it to Places, where it can be downloaded to various formats or saved to a map for later use.

Coordinate Search

Coordinate toggle

You may wish to obtain coordinates for features that you can see on your map, such as the corner posts of a Mining Claim. Coordinates can be observed on-screen in the bottom left corner of the map view at your current cursor position. For mobile and tablet devices tap on the screen to display the coordinate value at the point specified.

coordinates option 1

As you move your cursor around the map, the coordinate value will update accordingly.

By default the coordinate will display in decimal degrees in GDA2020 Lat/Long.

Clicking on this value will allow you to toggle to view the location of the cursor in the following formats:

  • GDA2020 Lat/Long
  • GDA2020 DMS (Degrees, Minutes and Seconds)
  • GDA2020 MGA (Easting, Northing, Zone)
  • GDA94 Lat/Long
  • GDA94 DMS
  • GDA94 MGA

  • Accuracy of coordinates and measurements

    GeoResGlobe utilises the Web Mercator map projection. This projection is the most commonly used coordinate system in web applications to show world extents. Its strength is that it preserves direction and the shape of data, however the downside is it distorts distance and area.

    The on screen coordinates only provide an estimate of the coordinates at the mouse point, they are not designed to provide an exact location. The use of the GeoResGlobe for the purposes of precise locations and measurement is not advised. Please refer to the Disclaimer notice on the welcome page for further details.