Keyboard shortcuts for GeoResGlobe

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to help navigate while the mouse is being used to draw:

Key Function
up-key The Arrow keys move the screen in the selected direction.
shift-key + left-mouse-click While holding the Shift button and using the left mouse button to click and drag will zoom to the extent of the rectangle drawn.
plus-key or minus-key Using or will zoom in or zoom out respectively (2D view only). The numbers key pad also works when Num lock is off.
a-key or d-key Pressing the A or D keys will rotate the view left or right respectively (2D view only)
n-key Pressing the N key will reset the orientation back to pointing North (2D and 3D view).
j-key or u-key Pressing the J or U keys will change the zoom level (3D view only).
a-key Pressing the P key will reset the tilt from oblique to aerial view (3D view only)
a-key Pressing the Delete  key will delete any selected geometry or vertex selected
a-key Pressing the Escape key deselects all geometry, vertices and active operations