Topics are groupings of map layers with a similar theme, and can be used as a great way to quickly add data to your map.

When starting a GeoResGlobe session, the default topic is automatically displayed.

To view the other topics within the GeoResGlobe, select the Topics icon from the sidebar.


The All Topics tab displays the full range of topic groupings available within the GeoResGlobe.


Under the All Topics tab, major categroies are listed to refine your search and automatically display the layers that can be viewed for that topic.


After you have added one or more topics to a map, you can add or remove layers and places to personalise your map.

Launch a topic

To add the layers from a topic of your choice to your map, select the Launch icon.


You will be prompted to specify how you want the layers to be added:

  • Add to Globe - Retains any layers that you already have added to your map from a topic. The layers from the topic launched will be added to the existing layers.
  • Replace current topic - Replaces all of the layers that have been added to your map via a topic. If you have added layers manually, these will be retained in the layers panel.
  • Apply topic's map position - Topics that have a map position applied (e.g. Historical tidal works approvals), will zoom to the set map position, if the check box is selected.

Topics popup

To view a more detailed description for a topic, select the arrow icon.

topic arrow

A topic can also be launched from this panel by selecting the LAUNCH TOPIC button.

Topics panel launch topic

The layers listed in the topic description will be automatically added to your map. The Layers icon updates the number of layers added to the map.

layer count

To view the layers added, click on the Layers icon in the sidebar, to display the layers panel. Some layers may have been added to the list, but are not turned on by default. See Visibility options for more information.

To display the Legend, click on the arrow icon to view the legend panel. The legend will display the symbology of all visible (active) layers. Only layers that are switched on will be visible in the legend.

Close a topic

In the topic list view, the Launch icon will change to a cross once a topic has been added. Selecting the Close icon will remove the topic.


In the topic's detailed description view, the initial LAUNCH TOPIC button will change to CLOSE TOPIC once a topic has been added. Select the CLOSE TOPIC button to remove the topic.

close topic button

You will be given an option to confirm if you are sure you want to close the topic. Select CLOSE to remove the topic. Selecting GO BACK will return to the Topics panel and the topic will remain added to the map.

Close popup

Sort or filter Topics

The list of displayed topics can be sorted by the available options in the Sort by dropdown menu.

Entering text e.g. land parcel, into Find Topics and Layers will search for any reference to that term in the Topic name, the decription of a topic or the layers included. Only a portion of the name is needed to return a result.

Topics filter

Share a topic

Each of the topics available in the GeoResGlobe can be shared via a link, e.g. The property topic can be accessed with the following URL -

Select the detailed view of a topic and you will be given the options to share or post via:

  • Link
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

This will open a new session of GeoResGlobe with the topic already loaded.

Share a topic

Display topics on startup

The option to display the topics panel automatically when a new session of GeoResGlobe is opened can activated by selecting the checkbox in the bottom left corner of the Topics panel.

Show on startup